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Jul 7, 2012 6:30pm PDT
hora de conseguir un empleo. ahora se ve a panamá y méxico como posible fuente dde poder conseguir un empleo, irónico opentes comol movimiento de jóvenes que hoy hizo sentirse >>marchas de yo soy 132 rechazan el resultado del proceso para presidencia de la republica >>hubo un fraude, estamos incoomes. reconstituyo el final del ral reconteo, esto no se modifico enrique peña nieto supero a manuel andrés lópez obrador. >>hoy manuel andrés lópez obrador califico así la eleccion: compraron la eleccion, utilizaron m es d pesos para comprar votos. eso es lo que estamos probando >>monex y soriana a traves de esta empresas se habría realizo elraude. >>estoperado por el gobernador del pri y cartel de priistas >>que nos puedan dar la informacion, que la podamos intercambiar. >>los partidos tendrán 4ias para presentar sus impugnaciones. >>elribunal electoral tiene hasta el 30 de agosto para confirmar estos datos >>hoy es un dia histórico, spués de 4 décadas se celebran elecciones, votan pa elegir al consejo. jor dania, un debate políco termina en golpes, la situación se sale de con
Jul 8, 2012 3:00am PDT
, the caribbean, the panama canal, north atlantic. 35-foot seas. that was exciting. she's appointed a sword. she's a battleship. take a loork, and you'll see wh. this is where decisions were made in world war ii, in the '40s. you get chills. we helped to shell korea, through the korean war, during the cold war, too. the russians were like, wow, look at that ship. back in the '40s during the tehran conference, president roosevelt used this to cross the ocean to meet with churchill and stalin. he was in a wheelchair as you know. this was where he stayed. this is the only ship in the navy with a bathtub. past president and future, president roosevelt took a bath in this tub. in the '80s, they retrofitted the ship. and these are for anti-aircraft, and we could bombard the shore, too. they would fire 15 rounds a minute. here's one of our guns. 16 inch in diameter. i could fit in there. each one of these barrels, 67-feet long. that will fire a projectile 24 miles. one day i fired the guns, too. i didn't hear the boom like you would out here, but i felt the concussion of it. the last gun i s
Jul 8, 2012 8:00am PDT
1985. we had everywhere from 1300 to 1900 skies and the ship. indeed it is that in the panama canal, the north atlantic, there is plenty to the story she is a battle strip. you can see why. this is all made in world war two in the '40's appear >> it's been to in the korean war and during the cold war. back in the '40's during the conference president robot rose about was aboard the ship. he's it is a taxi to go across the ocean. this is president roosevelt. this is the only ship in the navy with a back up. this is where the state could president roosevelt to get back and is that the pit >> the user for anti aircraft pit in the '80s they retrofitted the ship can this 16 in. in diameter. each one of these barrels is 67 ft. long. it will fire a projectile 24 mi.. i felt the concussion when it was fire. >> the last done that ever shot in my life was this done. and drive and a battleship. we got a lot of money from the state of iowa to get the repairs done if you have a look at heart a couple months ago and now you would not leave. >>marty: we will be right back with a lot more news and
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)